AZCEH is led by its volunteer Board of Directors; a group of experts within their respective fields covering a wide range of talent from the private, public and non-profit sectors across the state.  Board Members have a fiduciary and governance responsibility to the organization and set the mission, vision and strategy of the organization.  Many of our strongest leaders in ending homelessness are serving or have served on this distinguished Board.  The Executive Director of AZCEH is the core of the organization and serves as the “voice” of AZCEH and its membership organizations as its strongest advocate.

If you have an interest in learning more about serving on the Board or one of its committees, contact Joan Serviss, Executive Director.

Board of Directors – Executive Committee:

Michael Shore - Chair
President & CEO
HOM, Inc.

Theresa James - Immediate Past Chair
Homeless/Fair Housing Coordinator
City of Tempe

Nicky Stevens - Vice-Chair
Housing Program Manager
Arizona Behavioral Health Corporation

Sean Price – Secretary
Senior Advisor to the Chief of Operations
Office of the Arizona Governor

Margaret Kilman - Treasurer
Community Impact Manager, Ending Homelessness
Valley of the Sun United Way


Joan Serviss | Executive Director
602-340-9393 ext. 105

Shane Groen | Manager of Special Projects
602-340-9393 ext. 103

Erin Cochran | Membership & Training Coordinator
602-340-9393 ext. 102

Ashlynd Vaughn | Administrative Coordinator
602-340-9393 ext. 101

Tina Freeman | Development & Community Outreach Consultant
602-340-9393 ext. 104

141 E. Palm Lane, Suite 105
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Board of Directors - Members at Large:

Donna Bleyle – Ex Officio
State Homeless Coordinator
AZ Dept. of Economic Security

Dona Rivera-Gulko

Valarie Donnelly
Western Arizona Council of Governments

Vicki Helland
Director of Peer Support and Outreach Services
Community Bridges Inc. 

Jessa Johnson
Mercy Maricopa

Mark Stodola

Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness - 141 E Palm Ln Ste 105, Phoenix, AZ 85004 - 602-340-9393

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