On any given night, as many as 27,000 individuals and families experience homelessness in Arizona (Arizona Department of Economic Security 2013 Annual Report).  While the causes leading to homelessness are diverse and complex, one thing remains constant among those experiencing it – they are without a home and they are suffering.  We do not accept this as a permanent condition for anyone.  We believe that no one should be homeless and are committed to solutions that end homelessness for all members of our communities. 

To solve homelessness requires an understanding of factors that contribute to this complex problem and trends

that perpetuate the problem in our society. Poverty, domestic violence, chronic health conditions, mental health issues, and substance use are commonly attributed as driving factors in an individual or family becoming homeless.  While people experiencing homelessness absolutely struggle with these and other problems, the primary reason that people become and remain homeless is their lack of safe and stable housing that they can afford.  Affordable housing is scarce in our communities.  The need far exceeds the supply, especially for those individuals and families with extremely low incomes.

Lack of support systems, both natural and structured, is another reason why many become and remain homeless.  Family, friends, loved ones and access to systems of care and assistance are critical resources for all of us in daily life.  When these systems are lacking, our most vulnerable community members struggle to navigate the challenges of life.

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